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We know what it means to get your hands dirty. At Mech Mates, we encourage it. We are well aware that our customers could be exposed to all kinds of different hazards on the job every day, so we take our commitment very seriously.

Palls Enterprises has accrued 36 years of experience in manufacturing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and we are dedicated to out-performing the competition at every level.

Using a wide range of specialty fabrics and treated natural leathers, Mech Mates protective gloves are guaranteed to effectively guard against a host of occupational hazards, including:

· Cuts and slashes
· Vibrations and impacts
· Oil and Gas industry
· Freezing cold

We’ve got you covered whether you need gear that’s weather-resistant, gloves for touch-sensitive equipment, reflective safety gear in sites that demand high visibility, or flame-retardant gloves that can withstand flame and fire.

We understand that as the industry changes, innovation is key in generating new types of gloves to suit your protective needs. We also offer a women’s line of fitted gloves to ensure that our quality equipment protects all workers equally. We supply a range of hand protection equipment spanning from the weekend home improvement tasks to professional jobs at any industrial site.

Our multi-functional, high-dexterity mechanics gloves conform to the AUS/NZ, ASTM, ANSI, NFPA, EN & IS norms that are the global standard in multi-protective products. Everything we present in the marketplace is constructed to proudly represent the Mech Mates name.

Why Purchase Mech Mates Gloves?

We understand that improper protection can mean the difference between working strong all day or taking injury without pay. With our line of Protective equipment, we want to see you protected and proud of your work, no matter the environment.

We are always leading the way in sourcing new materials and methods so that we can deliver the latest and best available technology straight to you.

If the Glove Fits…

Wear it!

We want you to see for yourself the quality and feel of our superior product. If you would like to have our gloves tailored to fit your particular work demands, or if you would like to have your company logo imprinted or embroidered, contact us and we can customize the perfect gloves for you and your team.

Whatever the case and wherever the job, put us on your hands, and we will keep you in ours.