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Our Philosophy

At Mech Mates, our customer-first philosophy starts with glove design and extends throughout operations, logistics and sales. When you need a reliable, affordable and innovative work glove supplier, we work hard to be the only viable choice. We take our cue from our name. Mates are more than just friends, they are the people you choose to work with, and we want you to choose us as your work glove mate. Following the simple guidelines of a MATE, we pick up the pace on customer service and create an exceptional buying experience. To us, MATES means:

Every opportunity to serve a customer is an important part of the day. Building customer relationships starts with meaningful and respectful communication.

Always listening.
The best customer service starts with a conversation led by the customer. You tell us what you want. We will be listening.

Customers often identify problems, and with thoughtful attention to detail, we can help guide you to solutions. 

Every customer experience should be exceptional, and our staff is committed to top-notch service for any size order.

As a custom creator of personal protective equipment, we go a step further with every order. Don't just get a box of gloves, get carefully crafted and selected safety gear that meets your needs.