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Mechanica [PMM-WMM-4i]
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Mechanica Mechanica Mechanica

When you need serious hand protection that doesn't interfere with your mobility, you want the Mechanica women's impact protection glove. The bold design flawlessly includes impact and abrasion-resistant features that look great and defend against the most common hand injuries you can face as a mechanic. Hold small parts and tools absolutely steady with the enhanced grip created by the silicon printing that covers the entire palm. Keep the delicate, silicon gear motif in action all day as you tackle a variety of industrial tasks. Durable synthetic leather is naturally abrasion resistant, so your palms stay well protected. Keeps the hand fatigue away, allowing maximum dexterity. 

The back of our Mechanica efficiently shields you from impacts and bumps, without binding up your movements. Keep your hands moving as gracefully as they look in a pair of these fun and functional work accessories. Anatomically placed TPR covers almost every inch of your hand from fingertips to wrist. This extended protection area is available with a unique bonding process that lays flat to the four-way stretch foam fabric that forms the back of the glove pattern. The low-profile design means you can still fit your hands into tight spaces and bend and flex your wrist naturally.

Hi-Viz colors decorate the Mechanica with fashionable accents, so you always get great visibility without giving up on style.

handy for

  • Loggers
  • Automotive
  • Woman Mechanics
  • Oil and Gas Industry Workers
  • Garage Works
  • Refinery Operations
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