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Women in the industrial workforce is a growing trend that is only getting stronger. As times change, the things that the “can-do” woman can and can’t do are up in the air. That's why the modern-day woman needs a glove that fits her hand and gives the same protection, dexterity, and durability as a man's set of gloves. We make gloves to suit any situation and will suit any person.

For the longest time, women have had to adapt themselves to restrictive glove technology that was designed only for men. We at Mech Mates have adapted our gloves to give the working woman the protection, comfort, and style she deserves. The flexible and dexterous gloves fit the form of the female hand with comfort and security and provide protection from whatever the job may throw at her.

The Wo-Mech gloves series fits safe and snug on you and provides reliable defense that doesn’t weigh you down while you finish the job.  There’s no stopping what a woman can accomplish, and thanks to our Wo-Mech gloves, there are no working conditions that can stop a woman from getting the job done.